If you think you have heard it all from Pastor Tunde Bakare of Latter Rain Assembly Church, Lagos, on his ambition to be President of Nigeria some day in history, read this.

The former running mate to President Buhari in the 2011 presidential poll does not even believe that the current administration will deliver Nigeria from its deluge of challenges.

In a sermon aired on national television on Sunday, he told the congregation that there is a day set for the deliverance of the oil-rich nation from its challenges.

“Let no one deceive you, there’s nobody with the capacity to deliver Nigeria until that day; that day is coming, it’s very near.

“The reason things are going haywire in Nigeria today is because God is preparing the tender plant from the side of the North,” he told the congregation.

Buhari’s administration had promised Nigerians change prior to its victory in the 2015 election, but not much of positive words are in the mouths of Nigerians three years down the line.

He, however, told the church members that he still has a date with destiny, as a president in Nigeria.

“I have a destiny date with God. Nobody can stop it. Write it down in black and white; once this president is out another tender plant is entering. It is not far.”

Pastor Bakare had at different times in the past made mention of this date with destiny, several times sounding like a parable, but at the Sunday service he told the congregation to watch out for direct statements ahead of the 2019 elections.

He also raised a glimpse of hope in the redemption of the nation from its challenges.

“I am declaring thus saith the Lord – to this end was I born, for this purpose came I into the world that Nigeria will be saved, Nigeria will be changed, and Nigeria will become great in my lifetime.

“The mouth of the Lord has spoken it and the zeal of the Lord shall accomplish it”.