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Introducing  City People Media Group

The Vision

“Our Vision is to be the largest circulating celebrity magazine in Nigeria that will provide useful information that will touch the lives of our Readers positively”

The Mission Statement

“To enthrone a People-Centred reporting of events.  In City People, People are the subject and Object of Journalism”



City People was founded in November 1996 by a practicing Print Journalist, Seye Kehinde who was then the Editor of Tempo Magazine.  It was to mirror the lifestyles of Celebrities in Nigeria. The magazine, over the years, has grown to become the undisputed leader in the Nigeria soft-sell sector.


Published under the company name, Media Techniques Ltd, the magazine  is the only soft-sell journal in Nigeria with offices and Correpondents in major geopolitical zones of the country like Lagos, Ibadan, Abuja, Benin, Kaduna, Kano, Abeokuta and Port-Harcourt.


In just 18 years of its existence, City People has become the largest circulating  soft-sell in Nigeria; the only soft-sell that circulates all over Nigeria; the soft-sell magazine with the highest print-run; the Advertisers’ first choice in the soft-sell sector and the magazine which breaks the newsfirst about celebrities while others take a cue from whatever we report.

As far back as November 1996, the magazine had crafted its Mission Statement.

What City People does every week is to enthrone a people-centred reporting of events. In this publication, PEOPLE are the objects of journalism.

Our weekly goal is to mirror the lives of people: the way they live, what they wear, what they eat, the type of music they listen to, etc. Through this medium, searchlight is beamed on the lives of the rich and the poor, the high and the lowly.

The magazine does not attempt to compete with daily newspapers in its presentation of news, but pays greater attention to the lives of those who really make the news. All the magazine does therefore, is to use people to examine issues. It also encourages the tradition of gutsy and provocative reporting.

Birth of other publications

City People Weekly magazine has successful given birth to other publications such as; City People Event & Party, City People Fashion & Lifestyle, Today’s Fashion and City People Extra.

The City People Event & Party comes out every two (2) months and it is about the latest events happening in town.  The magazine is printed in all-colour glossy paper and it has a minimum of 76 pages and designed to cover issues on People, Events and Parties.  The magazine is targeted at the middle and upper class people with the purchasing power.

The City People Fashion & Lifestyle magazine comes out every month and it is about celebrating what is in vogue like shoes, bags, perfumes, clothes & accessories.  The magazine is printed in all-colour glossy paper with a minimum of 60 pages and it’s designed to capture the styles of celebrities.

The City People Today’s Fashion comes out bi-weekly and it is about celebrating the African prints and designs, the magazine is printed in all-colour glossy paper with a minimum of 32 pages and it is designed to cover what is current in fashion.

On it owns, City People Extra is a pull-out printed occasionally to celebrate people who have made a mark in their chosen careers.  The pull-out has a minimum of 4 pages which are printed in colour, on a high-grade printing paper produced up to lithographic stage from our publishing office in Lagos.


Events & Activities

Annual Awards For Excellence comes up in March, it is in our tradition to award Governors, Politicians, Businessmen & Businesswomen, Designers, MakeUp Artist, Showbiz personalities etc who have done exceedingly well in their areas of specialty.  The event has carved a niche for itself and is usually a Grand Ceremony that attracts the who-is -who in Nigeria from the likes of the State Governors, Top Politicians, Banks CEO, Telecoms giants and so-on.

The City People Entertainment, an arm of the company that takes care of the sector was launched on 2nd February, 2006 with the aim of taking Entertainmentto its zenith and since then, we have been celebrating, honouring and hosting Top Musicians, Comedians and Movie Icons who have left indelible marks in their different careers.

We also have the City People Entertainment Awards which comes up yearly, the purpose for the Awards is to reward those Musicians, Actors/Actresses and Entertainment Writers in other Media houses who have done outstanding in their works and it is always an evening of fun and entertainment.

cover4Fashion & Lifestyle was launched in 2005, since then we have been hosting/orgainsing different Fashion events like An Evening with Top Designers in Lagos and other states in Nigeria where Designers exhibit their creative designs by having Models wear their outfits on the run-way.  We also have the Fashion & Style Awards which comes up yearly, the purpose for the Awards is to reward those Fashion Designers, Make-up Artist and Fashion Writers in other Media houses who have done outstanding in their works and it is always an evening of fun and entertainment.

The other Awards we have are the Brands Award which is about celebrating top consumers brand, City People Political Excellence Awards which is about celebrating Outstanding Politicians who have excelled in various sectors and then the Ankara Fashion event is about celebrating Ankara fabrics which portrays the true African woman.



The magazine is presented in such an easy-to-read fashion that literally lifts the messages off our pages straight into the minds of our readers. The style of writing is breezy, racy and smooth-flowing. It is short and straight to the point. Brevity is in fact that watch-word. The magazine’s layout is snazzy, unique and attractive. Pictures are generously used. We blend the “serious” and  “light” in a way that makes all stories attain the required balance. We strive not only to provide the whys and wherefores of events, but also provide useful insights into those behind these events in a refreshing manner. We always spice the magazine with sizzling behind-the-news gists about goings-on in high places.

The magazine which is printed in colour and black and white on high-grade printing paper is produced up to lithographic stages from our publishing office in Lagos.

The magazine has a minimum of 64 pages and designed to cover diverse issues such as Entertainment, Arts, Leisure, Fashion, Living, Politics & Business. There are  also incisive interviews and profiles of eminent personalities in society.



The magazine is targeted at the middle and upper middle class people who have the purchasing power. They are also the decision makers. We are also read by the upper crust in society. Overall, we reach the a, b, c group.


launched in ghana

City People formally launched in Ghana on 27th February, 2009, the Nigeria High Commissioner to Ghana, His Excellency, Senator Musiliu Obanikoro was the Chief Launcher and he formally launched City People magazine plus the other 3 titles under the City People stable namely: City People Event & Party, Fashion & Lifestyle and Today’s Fashion for Ghana Readers and its environs.

We are also read in the U.K, U.S.



City People with a circulation figure of  50,000 copies weekly, is read simultaneously the same day in all the major cities of the federation. This is made possible by the fact that we have correspondents all over the country.

City People magazine was launched in 1996 and has become one of the leading print newspapers in Nigeria and it’s positioned to be one of Africa’s top 5 best-selling magazines by 2016.

City People Magazine is a rich mash of politics, entertainment, business, technology, lifestyle, pop culture, opinions, causes and media gossips.

We cover news 24/7 from politics, to economy, to crime, world events, celebrity, fashion and style, events, red carpets, entertainment, and the city.

With credible experience and historical credential of balanced and professional journalism, City People is committed to keeping our addicted readers updated on the monumental events of our day, covering the stories they are interested in from a diversity of perspectives.


  1. City People is Nigeria’s fastest growing newspaper, and is fast creating an addicted and growing platform of followers in the Nigerian community with over 150,000 weekly readers and over 30,000 Facebook followers, 6,000 Instagram followers and 7,000 twitter followers within 3 months of our online launch.
  2. Our magazine prides itself in its tremendous weekly publication of 20,000 copies and a gross impression of 150,000 readers every week.
  3. When it comes to exposure of your brand, City People is the best built news and information website with trusted backend engine modifier which is managed by Google.
  4. City People offers you a rich variety of formats to get your message across to your readers, whether your message is in text, photos, videos, banner, promotions, news, audio – we bring you custom-made formats to plug your message.
  5. City People advertising is reserved for an exclusive few discerning brands. We do not litter our pages with adverts, hence our readers engage more with the adverts.
  6. City People is a responsive media platform, custom built with high resolution graphics and page plan that is legible and colourful for every reader.
  7. You gain access to our exclusive crop of the world’s best graphic designers to assist you (on request) with your online brand image.
  8. We will also make provision to put up your adverts online for our massive followers to identify with you and patronize your products and services

We are also read in the U.K, U.S. and Ghana



Lagos20,000 copies

West5,000 copies

East7,000 copies

North8,000 copies

Ghana10,000 copies



Full Page Depth-14.7 inches

Width             -10.7 inches

No of Columns-5

City People Media Group boasts of the most cost-effective advert rate in the country.

End: 2022-02-28