Nigerians can never get enough of Cee-C.

She became a household name after she said, that it would be easy for her to make the grand prize money for the Big Brother Naija show, in one week.

From then, she moved from one fight to another with her fellow housemates.

Her fights led to her getting two strikes with Lolu, and one strike on the final week of the show, after raining curses on Tobi, in the process she was dethroned as Head Of House because of her mouth.

Well after becoming the last woman standing at the finale of the Big Brother Naija show, her fans and ‘haters’ on social media made sure that ‘Cee-C’ and ‘Lashes FC’ became a trending topic on Nigeria Trends on Twitter.

While the haters prayed that Cee-C did not win the grand prize, her supporters wanted her to win.

A day after Miracle was announced as the winner of Big Brother Naija 2018, Cee-C is still trending, because Nigerians keep talking about her.

She has become famous, but whether here fame will put money in her bank account is what remains to be seen.

See the tweets below:

Officialteamtobibakre/ Khadeejat Debimpe@Teamtobibakre1

Ceec fans trolling Tobi! What shall it profit a woman to come 2nd and leave with nothing??? I will rather be 3rd place and leave with a seed capital, mentorship and capacity training, 1m, shopn voucher, phone, weekend getaway, than be 2nd and go home empty handed

Doc C@tweetMOPOL

CeeC didn’t win. The last time Nigerians rejoiced like this was when Abacha died


Ceec left Empty handed ????

Bisola last gurl standing last season got an endorsement on stage, Tboss left with 500k

Ceec left empty handed ????

Fat Belly ‘Nenye@The_Nenye

CeeC was this season’s cash cow.
They kept her in the house to make money for them.
And dumped like a hot potato when the game ended.

Sewa ?@Duchess_Tweets

Did y’all see the look of CeeC’s face when miracle was announced the winner… Epic??.
She probably thought she was going to win. Maybe she will be the new face of Alomo bitters.

Dr. Joe Abah


When I tweeted this about 10 days ago, some people disagreed on the basis that a certain allegedly rude and uncouth Ceec was going to win . Apparently, by some Miracle, the nice guy won. You see, form is temporary but class is permanent. 

Uneducated Illiterate@debxrrr

How CeeC go con do her life now, na only Juliet Ibrahim promise her eyelashes

The MC@Sirkastiq

Eager to see the brands that will get affiliated with CeeC.


How I sleep knowing CeeC didn’t win ?