The Yoruba comic actor and head of Baba Sabiko Theatre and Comedy Group, based in Ibadan, Oyo State died on Friday April 6.

On Air Personality, Ademola Aremu also confirmed the news and wrote on his Facebook page:

“I couldn’t believe it until I was at the hospital where he passed away and saw his corpse. I saw him and his wife last Friday and as usual cracked some jokes together.

“Abiodun Aremu, Baba Sabiko, my Surname sake; one of the best comedians in the entertainment industry. He normally called me Uncle Demoo (though far far older than me), and I would reply Ba Sab. Painful but it is well.”

Before his death, Baba Sabiko was a multi-talented broadcaster, entertainer, comedian, theater-artiste, Master of Ceremonies (MC) script-writer, film producer, singer and promoter.

The actor, who started his acting career in 1974, has starred in over 40 Yoruba films, including: Bukola Omo Daddy, Ija Agba Meji, Ija Ominira, Ija Orogun andIgbanladogi.

May his soul rest in peace.