Nicki Minaj may not have yet, but Foxy Brown is coming for Remy Ma. The Brooklyn MC is readying a diss track aimed at the Terror Squad rapper.

Earlier this morning (March 3), Remy discussed her feud with Nicki on”The Wendy Williams Show.” But, little did Remy know that she would have to worry about another female rapper disrespecting her. Spitting over Jay Z‘s “Takeover” beat, Foxy raps, “The takeover, the fake’s over/ “Got your little shot, okay? Thank Mona,” in reference to Remy being on “Love & Hip Hop.”

Listen to a snippet of Foxy’s new track below.

**WARNING: Explicit language below**

Most likely, Foxy is coming for Remy because of what the “ShETHER” rapper said about her in her first diss track. “Talkin’ s**t about me to a deaf b**ch,” Remy spit. “And usually I have sympathy for the impaired/ But not when you hard of hearing from untreated gonorrhea.” Foxy later reacted to this dig and wrote on IG, “I don’t battle tho, I bodybag.”

So many beefs, so little sauce…

Photo: Getty Images