With the manner in which he reacted to every miss during Argentina’s match with Nigeria, its not a surprise that he did too much for his health.

Argentina football legend, Diego Maradona gave the medics at the Saint Petersburg stadium a scare when he started having difficulties walking after the game.

The 57-year-old reacted to his team’s late winner by screaming and cursing but things turned bad after the final whistle.

Argentina media reported that Maradona had suffered a spike in his blood pressure, after a video of him being helped out of his seat emerged.

Sports Illustrated


Diego Maradona needed some assistance leaving the stadium after Argentina’s win (via @SteveSpoiler)

Argentinian newspaper Ole later reported that Maradona was able to walk and had gone to his hotel after being attended to.

Maradona has had a series of health problems, including cocaine addiction.

In 2007 he reportedly came close to death after being admitted to a hospital in Buenos Aires to be treated for hepatitis and substance abuse.