“My fans are the reasons I’m more popular. They watch me and love what I do. Male celebrities have more female fans and vice versa. It’s a normal thing.
As for my female fans, I adore and as well respect them a lot. Once in a while, they tend to embarrass me in public with their expression of affections and over reactions, but I love them all the way. They are wonderful. 
I have not had an experience where a female fan went to the extreme with me in public, ‎I because I still try to control the situation. Sometimes, they want to jump on me and take pictures, even when i’m not in the mood, I have to forcefully smile,” the Enugu State born actor squealed in a recent chat.
‎As a handsome actor, many would have thought that, Daniel would have so many actresses at his beck and call, but the Soldier Story movie star maintained he is not nursing any emotional affection for any of his colleagues.
“Well, right now, I’m not crushing on anybody in the industry. All I see is pretty faces and I don’t have any emotions attached to it. I like my women, witty, smart and very presentable.”